Portside Building Design has been involved in designing homes and town planning in New South Wales for over fifteen years. During this time, we have established extensive networks with local Council personnel ensuring we are in the perfect position to assist with Building Design and Town Planning in the local region and beyond. We can help to navigate the complex systems of NSW planning legislation and the DA approvals process.

Our Experience

With our extensive local experience in Town Planning, we have provided clients with the following range of services, as well as many more: -

- concept drafting design

- site assessments and site master planning

- draft local environment plans

- draft development controls (plans and submissions)

- oversee the assessment of development applications at Council

- write and review reports to local Councils and other key stakeholders

- manage and liaise with local consultants, including surveyors, engineers and certifiers

- consultation and planning advice including strategic planning

Our Difference

Portside Building Design offers a service that fuses the power of imaginative planning with all the latest innovations in modern design. As a professional, local team, we have a thorough understanding of the region. Town planning requires the perspective of a team that is local enough to understand the unique issues of our local area, while simultaneously being skilled and experienced enough to have completed a range of projects across the region.

Town Planning

Portside Building Design offers specialised town planning and property development consultancy services. We thrive on bringing conceptual dreams to life. We consistently achieve outstanding results for our clients, working as partners to offer advice and services from concept to approval. We liaise with Council on all projects to ensure the smooth completion and required outcome of your Building Design or Town Planning project. Our services are delivered on three pillars of performance excellence: -

- Quality

We offer quality services that fulfil our clients' needs. We thrive on creating liveable spaces that delight and excite the imagination while remaining true to the outcomes required.

- Service

We provide an ongoing service from concept to approval. We are available and dynamic, working with clients to ensure we understand their unique needs.

- Financially prudent

When you hire a professional Building Designer and Town Planner, you need to ensure they will provide financially beneficial services on time and on budget.

Portside Building Design are the ideal partners to engage when you require experienced and diligent Building Designers and Town Planners. Our design services are known for drawing together the latest in modern design and Town Planning principles. Call us today to discuss how we can help to bring your Building Design and Town Planning requirements to life.